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Alpha Careers is now Compass Careers! Check out our new website here

Alpha Career and Educational Services is the greater Waikato’s leading provider of career guidance and planning for adults young and old.  Our passion is your future, as we create your personalized career plan and help find the right career path for you.

At Alpha Careers, our experienced and enthusiastic career counsellors will go the extra mile as you start or wish to change your career journey.

Unsure of where your future is taking you? 
Need help clarifying your goals?
Struggling to find an objective opinion on the best career choices for you?
Don't know what comes next?
Is it all too overwhelming?

Take the stress out of your next step and see Alpha Careers today. Our evidence-based, step-by-step career planning approach has been used by thousands to find the
career path that suits.


Let us help you on the road to your goals and aspirations.

Let Us Help You.

Alpha Careers has helped thousands find their career paths.  We are experts in identifying your personality type, your work interests, your values & skills

We have the experience and up-to-date knowledge of the world of work

We can advise on the best training establishments (if required) for your career of choice

We are experienced in advising on how to maximise your academic potential and can help with study tips and exam techniques

We offer specialized scholarship coaching, CV advice and interview technique training

“At Alpha Careers, our passion is your future. Schedule an appointment now to get your  personalized career plan underway –and we’ll go the extra mile with you.”
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