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Claire Oehley

Claire is director of Alpha Career and Educational Services. She has a Master of Professional Practice (Career Development) with distinction. Her research focussed on Adolescent Career Clarity and she developed a new model of adolescent career development with consideration given to the neuroscience of the adolescent brain. Claire has a passion for working with young people and bases her practice on evidence-based research. She understands the importance of a client-centred approach to career development and is dedicated to helping clients realise their potential and to shaping their future.  

Did you know? Claire has travelled to 66 countries so far. Highlights were trekking the Himalayas, hiking the Great Wall of China, and swimming in the Nile.

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I came to you without any understanding of what I really wanted to do. Our session together taught me the importance of taking the time to uderstand what my drivers for career decisions are. I know that none of what I have achieved thus far would have been possible without the techniques and mindset learned through my session with you. Thank you.


Just thought you might like to know the outcomes for two of your clients who came and saw you last year and early this year.


J with the aid of some good tutoring re-engaged with schooling at year 12 and went from flunking massively to a merit pass and has carried on with year 13.  He is now using the folder he put together with you to investigate choices for next year and actively engaging with school. 


B has gone from dithering and unmotivated,  to completely engaged in his degree at AUT. He loves it,  is managing a gruelling schedule and achieving A+ passes.  


So thank you enormously, you have been a huge catalyst in these two boys lives so far.


S was absolutely buzzing when he got back from meeting with you so the session was worth every penny!


I saw you last year, and I would just like to thank you for changing the way I look at my lifestyle/career path. After seeing you, I have majorly seen an improvement in my work ethics, I felt more motivated with school, and I suddenly had something to work towards rather than just floating around aimlessly.  Anyways, I just thought I would thank you for helping me in that span of three hours.


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