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Why Career Plan?

Young adults whose interests, values, skills & personality match their occupation are significantly more likely to have job satisfaction 2

25% of New Zealand University students drop out within 2 years of starting a Bachelor's degree, costing approximately $40,000+ in lost earnings, living and tuition costs 1

Recent studies in Singapore have shown that students who have “career clarity” are more engaged, more motivated and have better outcomes 4

Having high levels of job satisfaction has been shown to improve mental health in adult life 3

U.S. Department of Labour estimates that 65% of today’s schoolchildren will end up working in jobs that don’t currently exist, which is why career planning is more important than ever 6

Over 50 studies of more than 7,000 young adults proved that career counselling is significantly effective at improving outcomes 5


In Holland, drop-out rates cost society

5.7 billion Euros a year, meaning that the need for good career guidance is greater than ever before 7

Ongoing support

Alpha Careers will support each client and client family for as long as is required. We will take you through your journey from school to training and into work, as well as assist you if you decide one day to change career. 

Initial appointments involve an investigation into your drivers, values, skills, interests and personality type. This is often the first time in your life that you undertake an intense 'self evaluation'. This process will generate a set of careers that best suit you. These form the basis of the first phase of career investigation. For adult clients we also look at strategies to facilitate a seamless switch from your current career to that new career.


Follow up appointments cover any questions you may have - ongoing subject/course choice or advice, critique of your C.V., interview techniques if changing jobs, assistance with goal setting, advice on the best training institutions for your career of choice, how to study effectively and how to maximise your chances of getting the monetary scholarships available.

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